14.12. plkst.13:00 Sociālo jautājumu komitejas sēde 

14.12. plkst.15:00 Izglītības, kultūras un sporta jautājumu komitejas sēde

21.12. plkst.10:00 Finanšu un tautsaimniecības komitejas sēde

28.12. plkst.14:00 Domes kārtējā sēde



Ape, Skolas Street 4, LV- 4337
Tel. +371 643 22273, fax + 371 643 22272, mob.tel. + 371 22037518, + 371 29439207
E-mail: tic@ape.lv
Ape homepage on the Internet:  http://www.apesnovads.lv

EVENTS   IN APE  2017 :


Where to stay overnight?


Where to have meal?

Z/s „Kalnarušķi” cafe „KRODZIŅŠ” in Ape (20 p), Country house „Kalnarušķi” (100/40 p.) tel. +371 26594554. (It is desirable to book in advance. Outings also possible),
http://www.kalnaruski.lv; info@kalnaruski.lv

What is there to see for a tourist in Ape and it’s country territory?

1. The historical centre of the town unique dolomite buildings and Pasta Street paved with cobble-stone;
2. „Witches cliffs”- a sandstone outcrop of the river Vaidava (near to Ape Secondary school)
3. The mightiest willow in Europe (10 m) near the farmstead „Dzenīši”, near motorbike trail;
4. The Old School and Davis Ozoliņš park, and the monument for this outstanding teacher and folklorist in “Dauškani”;
5. Ozoliņš Ape Secondary School and its’ museum in Pasta Street 26 (t. +371 643 55109,+371 26182668), apesvidusskola@inbox.lv
6. The memorial stone of the mathematician Aivars Liepa in the front of Ape Secondary school;
7. The smallest pine-tree in Latvia at the side of Parka Street,
8. The memorial house of Elīna Zālīte in Dzirnavu Street 24 – (tel. +371 26388665, biblioteka@ape.lv
9. “Zīļi” cult (sacred) spring (tent place, T.+371 29163907 – Aigars);
10. A hydropower stationGrube HPS and one of the greatest waterfalls in Latvia, a dolomite in Grube
11. Monument for the fighters of freedom of Latvia at the Town cemetery of Ape;
12. Warrior’s cemetery in Vaidava Street;
13. Memorial place for the nationalist fights of Latvia in 1919 in “Rušķi”;
14. “Devil’s-foot” stone in Lūšakrogs (visit with a guide T. +371 29439207);
15. Kalekaura lake near to the Estonian border (tent place -T.+371 29158386-Gvido)

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5. oktobris, 2011, Ābolkalne Liene

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