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Ape, 4 Skolas Street, LV- 4337 

Tel. +371 29131404 (Iveta Kovtuņenko)

E-mail: [email protected]    

EVENTS   IN APE  2020 :

Where to stay overnight?

  • Guest house „Melderi” (46 places), venue for seminars and banquets (80 pl.)  – 20379986 (Anita)  [email protected],  29496005 (Dzintars) [email protected]
  • Guest house „Kalnarušķi” (60 places) (+ catering, venue for seminars (100/30 pl.), sideshow trail , viewing tower, carp fishing, rabbits, goats) – 26594554 (Aigija)   kalnaruski.lv   [email protected]
  • Two holiday cottages in „Jaunvosi”(13 places [email protected] 26116845 (Anita)
  • Place for accommodation „Kalpaki” (8 places) – 29160419,
  • Place for accommodation in Davis Ozoliņš Ape Secondary school (20 places, during school holidays) –

 643 55109, 222049209 (Viktors),  [email protected].

Where to hAVE A MEAL?

  • Z/s „Kalnarušķi” cafe „KRODZIŅŠ” in Ape (50 +30 pl.), tel. 26594554. Mon to Fri 12.00- 16.00 Groups are advised to book beforehand, as well as for arranging additional opening times. kalnaruski.lv , email [email protected]
  • Country house „Kalnarušķi” (100/30 p.) tel. 26594554. (It is advisable to book in advance, catering in other venues also possible) kalnaruski.lv , email  [email protected]
  • Trout catching in fish nursery “Grubefish”- you can catch, grill and have it smoked on the spot. Accommodation in holiday cottages. 29355117 (Kalvis) [email protected]



  1. The historical centre of the town has unique dolomite buildings and the cobble-stone paved Pasta Street, the newy built Ape Protestant Church;
  2. „Witches cliffs”- an ancient sandstone outcrop of the river Vaidava (near to Ape Secondary school)
  3. The mightiest white willow (Salix alba) in Europe (10,75 m) by the farmstead „Dzenīši”, near the motorbike trail;
  4. The Old School and Davis Ozoliņš park; the monument for this outstanding teacher and folklorist in “Dauškani”;
  5. Ozoliņš Ape Secondary School and its’ museum in Pasta Street 26 (t. 643 55109,26182668),

       [email protected]

  1. The memorial stone of the mathematician Aivars Liepa in front of Ape Secondary school;
  2. The smallest pine-tree in Latvia near Parka Street,
  3. The memorial house of Elīna Zālīte in 24 Dzirnavu Street – tel. 26388665 (M. Kaktiņa), [email protected]
  4. “Zīļi” sacred spring (tent places, tel.29163907 – Aigars);
  5. Hydropower station Grube HPS and one of the greatest waterfalls in Latvia, a dolomite outcrop in Grube, historical water powered turbines, tel. 29496005 (Dz. Raibekazs)
  6. Monument for the freedom fighters of Latvia at the Town cemetery in Ape;
  7. Warrior’s cemetery in Vaidava Street;
  8. Memorial place for the freedom fighters of Latvia in 1919 in “Rušķi”;
  9. “Devil’s-foot” stone in Lūšakrogs (visit with a guide, tel. 29439207- Astra);
  10. Kalekaura lake near to the Estonian border (tent places –tel.29158386-Gvido, 29460168 -Aivo)
  11. Tree nursery “Miķeļi” (29429008 – Ojārs) mikeli.lv





5. oktobris, 2011, Madara Tjuksa